3. Our goods

3.1. Unless otherwise stated, we are not authorised dealers for any of the manufacturers featured on the site.

3.2. If we describe a product as “unworn”, it is second-hand but remains in its original case with all seals and warranties intact. If we describe it as “pre-owned”, then it is a used second-hand product that is not in its original packaging.

3.3. We will take reasonable care to ensure that representations and descriptions of goods appearing on our website are correct. We have made reasonable efforts to display as accurately as possible the appearance / colour / texture / finish of our goods. However, you acknowledge and accept that there may be minor differences between the actual goods and the way that they appear on our website. For example, the colour tone may differ.

3.4. The labelling or packaging of the goods you receive may differ from the images of these which you see on our site.

3.5. Although we have made reasonable efforts to be accurate, all weights, dimensions, sizes, measurements and capacities referred to on our site are taken from manufacturers’ specifications and may vary slightly from the goods you receive (for example, in the case of pre-owned goods).

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